Cold Case murder of Carlos Saint Louis, solved!

On February 19, 2019, Pasco County agents and detectives responded to the discovery of a deceased person in Zephyrhills. The body of the deceased was found in a pond behind the Home Depot on Eiland Boulevard and National Highway 54. Investigators eventually found the deceased within the next few days. The deceased was 38-year-old Carlos San Luis. It is reported that Carlos disappeared in Tampa on February 5, 2019. It is reported that his family has not yet attended work. On the night of February 1, Carlos was seen by his father for the last time. On Sunday, Carlos’ brother received an early morning text message from Carlos, stating that he should go home within the next two hours. However, Carlos never heard or heard it again. Since then, Carlos’s car (a 2015 gray Chevrolet Sonic LT) was found and recovered, and we continue to look for clues from the evidence collected in this investigation. Friends and family. . He is known for his voluntary service, having worked at the Broward Outreach Center, providing food for the homeless, and educating people living with HIV/AIDS. Carlos said it was a great experience to have the opportunity to give back to the community and talk to different people from different backgrounds. He said: “They gave me a lot of rewards.” After learning that Carlos had passed away, his brother knew that something went wrong when he was not at work. He said, “He will definitely miss him.” And his. The appeal: “Justify the family because this person needs to take to the streets.” A friend said: “I miss him very much. We laughed, joked, talked for hours, and we looked for ways to get along with each other. Everyone who came into contact with him spoke highly of him: “Carlos is also a great worker. One of his employers said: “He impressed me and his colleagues deeply. His friendly, caring, cheerful and pleasant work. Crime stoppers in Tampa Bay will offer a reward of up to US$3,000 to provide information to identify and arrest unidentified criminal suspects involved in the Carlos St. Louis murder. Suspicious persons and those who want to receive cash rewards should call the criminals who call 1-800-873-TIPS (8477). You can report anonymously online at, or use the P3 Tips app Mobile to make mobile suggestions . You must first contact the criminals to get cash rewards. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office and Carlos’ family have been seeking public help. It has been 365 days since Carlos first disappeared; 12 months… 8,760 hours… 525,600 minutes… 31,536,000 seconds. Every year in the past, Carlos’s family has suffered from not knowing…not knowing The burden of what happened to their beloved son dear brother, and most importantly, the WHO will do this to Carlos. If you have any contact with Carlos, or if you see him. Between February 2 and February 19, 2019, please contact the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

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