Zephyrhills Police Department

Ensuring Safety and Community Partnership


Nestled in the heart of Florida, the Zephyrhills Police Department serves as a dedicated law enforcement agency committed to safeguarding the city of Zephyrhills. With a mission to uphold public safety, foster community partnerships, and maintain the highest standards of professionalism, the department plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Mission and Values:

The Zephyrhills Police Department is guided by a mission to provide exemplary law enforcement services that prioritize the well-being of the community. Core values such as integrity, accountability, and community collaboration shape the department’s approach to policing, ensuring transparency and trust in its interactions with residents.

Chief Derek Brewer:

As of 2024, Chief Derek Brewer leads the Zephyrhills Police Department as the Chief of Police. Chief Brewer brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to community-oriented policing, emphasizing the importance of proactive engagement and responsiveness to the evolving needs of Zephyrhills. Under his leadership, the department continues to strengthen its ties with the community, fostering a sense of security and cooperation.

Contact Information:

For individuals seeking information or assistance from the Zephyrhills Police Department, the following contact details can be referenced:

  • Zephyrhills Police Department Address: 6118 8th Street, Zephyrhills, FL 33542
  • Non-Emergency Phone: 813-780-0050
  • Emergency Phone: 911 (for emergencies)
  • Website: Official Department Website

Residents are encouraged to use the non-emergency phone number for general inquiries or to report incidents that do not require immediate attention.

Services and Community Engagement:

The Zephyrhills Police Department provides a range of services, including routine patrols, investigations, and community outreach. If you break the law, they will arrest you and you might end up on Pasco County Arrests, where you can later find your mugshot. Through initiatives such as neighborhood watch programs, community events, and educational workshops, the department actively collaborates with residents to address concerns and strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the community.

Crime Prevention and Education:

In addition to its law enforcement efforts, the Zephyrhills Police Department is committed to crime prevention and education. The department offers resources, tips, and programs designed to empower residents with knowledge about crime prevention strategies, personal safety, and proactive community involvement.


Under the leadership of Chief Derek Brewer, the Zephyrhills Police Department remains dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional law enforcement services while fostering a sense of security and collaboration within the community. For further information or assistance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Zephyrhills Police Department using the provided contact details.