Pasco County Courthouse

Purpose and Services: The Pasco County Courthouse serves as a central hub for judicial and administrative functions in Pasco County, Florida. It is crucial for maintaining law and order in the community by providing a venue for legal proceedings and governmental services. The courthouse facilitates various legal matters including criminal trials for people who have Pasco County mugshots, civil cases, family law, and small claims, ensuring that justice is administered fairly and efficiently.

Government Agencies: Several government agencies operate out of the Pasco County Courthouse, including the Circuit and County Courts of the Sixth Judicial Circuit. This includes the Clerk of the Circuit Court & County Comptroller’s office, which handles a range of duties from court case management to public records and financial services. Additionally, the courthouse accommodates offices for the State Attorney, Public Defender, and various other county services.

Facilities and Personnel: The courthouse hosts multiple courtrooms and judicial offices. While the exact number of rooms and judges can vary with administrative changes, the facility is designed to support the needs of the Sixth Judicial Circuit and the local community efficiently. The courthouse employs a staff that includes judges, clerks, legal aides, and administrative personnel, all dedicated to upholding the legal system in Pasco County.

History: Constructed in 1910, the Pasco County Courthouse was designed by the architect Edward Columbus Hosford in a Classical Revival style, characteristic of its grand facades and formal symmetry. The building has undergone several renovations and expansions to accommodate the growing needs of Pasco County while retaining its historical significance and architectural integrity. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, highlighting its importance in Florida’s historical and cultural heritage.

Architectural Style: The courthouse’s architecture is a prime example of Classical Revival, noted for its stately columns, ornate detailing, and balanced proportions. These elements contribute to the building’s dignified appearance, befitting its role in the judiciary and public administration.

Contact Information: For further details regarding operations or to contact specific departments, individuals can reach out to the Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller’s Office. The courthouse is located at:

This document provides a comprehensive look at the Pasco County Courthouse, underscoring its role and function within the community, how it relates to Pasco County Arrests, housed in a historic building that not only supports the administration of justice but also contributes to the county’s heritage.