Pasco deputies recently were conducting surveillance on a known drug house in Holiday at the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. While watching the house, deputies observed a white Nissan Altima back into the driveway. The vehicle was there for approximately 15 minutes and then pulled out of the driveway and headed north on Orange Drive. The vehicle ran a stop sign and deputies pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road. One of the deputies walked up to the car and ordered the passenger to roll down his window. He refused.

The vehicle then took off and deputies pursued. The pursuit continued through Holiday and New Port Richey until the vehicle crossed into Pinellas County on East Lake. Deputies cancelled the pursuit, but continued to follow the vehicle at a safe distance. The vehicle then slid into the curb at East Lake and Keystone Road so one of the deputies turned on his emergency lights and exited his vehicle to render aid. As he approached the Nissan Altima, he observed the white female driver back up and then look directly at him. The deputy ordered the driver to stop and she continued forward right in the path of him. He made an attempt to get out of the way but the vehicle’s driver’s side front tire ran over his left foot.

The vehicle then continued fleeing the scene and deputies re-initiated the pursuit as the driver had just committed an aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. The pursuit continued west on Keystone/Tarpon to US 19 and then south on US 19 where the Nissan Altima pulled out in front of a civilian driving a Cadillac causing that vehicle to crash into the back of the Nissan Altima. The Nissan Altima now had major damage, but continued to flee south on US 19 until it reached Mango Street. The vehicle then turned west on Mango Street. The vehicle began to slow down and a deputy pulled the front of his agency vehicle right up to the rear of the Nissan Altima, when the driver hit the brakes and the deputy’s front passenger side fender struck the rear driver’s side of the Altima.

Deputies detained all three occupants of the Nissan Altima without incident. The rear passenger sustained minor injuries from the crash with the Cadillac and he was transported to a local hospital where he was released by doctors soon after. The deputy whose foot was run over was looked at by Fire Rescue but declined medical treatment at this time and only complained of minor soreness. Florida Highway Patrol and Tarpon Springs PD arrived and assisted in the investigation.

During the search of the vehicle, trace amounts of crack cocaine, marijuana, one .45-caliber bullet, and approximately $4,600 cash was located and seized.

FHP charged the driver, Dawn Lynch, 27, with aggravated battery on a LEO and issued her multiple citations. Tarpon Police arrested Lynch for fleeing to elude and possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana. Tarpon Police also arrested the front passenger, Jason Blackman, 26, for principle to fleeing to elude. The rear passenger was not charged at this time.

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