GREGORY-WILLIAM-HILES-WESLEY-CHAPELAttempted Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested

Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Gregory William Hiles, 50, for simple battery as well as violation of probation Saturday night hours after he attempted to sexually assault a woman in Wesley Chapel.

Hiles entered the woman’s bedroom as she slept and attempted to sexually assault her. The attack woke the woman who then confronted Hiles, stopping the attack. Hiles, who is known to the woman, was arrested in the area by members of the parole and K-9 units as well as probation officers. He is charged with simple battery and violation of probation and remains in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center with no bond. Hiles was on probation for sexual assault on a victim under 12 years old.

To the victim… whoever you are, you are awesome!  A real inspiration to other women to fight back against attackers.

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