Two New Port Richey adults were charged with child neglect after deputies were called to the home three times late Friday.

Deputies responded to a home on Columbia Drive after neighbors reported hearing a small child screaming and a female yelling for someone to get out of her house. This was the third call to the residence. Once deputies arrived the final time, they found Kassandra Evans, 23, inside the home screaming at the wall, while holding several knives in her hands and telling deputies to get five people out of her house.

Chris Anderson, 27, directed deputies outside the house to a shed where he claimed there were people threatening him underneath the shed. The shed was on the ground and there was no way anyone could be underneath it. Additionally, only Anderson, Evans and a child were inside the home and not five intruders as she claimed.

Deputies detected drug use and a syringe was found in Anderson’s possession. Evans and Anderson were taken into custody and the child was removed from the home and placed with relatives.

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