In New Port Richey a man died after a shootout with Pasco County Sheriff deputies. Several small children were inside the New Port Richey home when it happened early Thursday morning.

Statements from Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, “Make no mistake about it. His actions were caused by him. We reacted to him shooting on us… I thank God our deputies are alive today.”

Patrick Tillery who is 43, was seen on video setting fire to two car dealerships. Deputies later visited Tillery’s home where they found his wife.

Nocco explains, “She tells the deputies you can come into the home. She gets the dog and brings it into the room where Patrick Tillery is. Tillery gets a gun and he positions himself to ambush our deputies”

The twist is that two children were in the home during shootout. In the room next to where the shootout took place!

“You’re going to put your kids in that type of situation, it’s absolutely horrific,” said Nocco.

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