VICTORY! This one goes out to all the victims of domestic violence.  Your courage, bravery and patience can pay off! Just one month ago we posted information about a fugitive, Dakota Kidder, who was wanted in connection with a very sad domestic abuse case. This douche bag was finally arrested!

FUGITIVE WANTED… HELP! Pasco County Sheriff officers are in search of Dakota Kidder! He is wanted with probable cause in connection with a very sad domestic abuse case. PLEASE contact PCSO with any information related to his whereabouts…

Report any such information to the Sheriff’s Office at: (800)706-2488, or anonymously via our website at

The victim’s family asked us to share this information:

PLEASE SHARE THIS ALL OVER PASCO! This is a recent picture of Dakota Kidder and my niece. This kid is a coward that hits on women. Please share this post to everyone is Pasco and Hernando County. If you see him please contact the Pasco County Sheriff at 727-847-8102.

The images are heartbreaking ?

*UPDATE* Yes that is a roll of TP in his selfie!

Our fans responded! We helped to share this story over 2000 times! And guess what… he’s behind bars now!

Here is the original story:

And here is his arrest info:

Oh and its not even his first arest…



A lot of people were happy to see this guy go down…

Yes! They finally found him, thank God. I hope he never gets to do this to any woman ever again. Violence does not solve your problems!

and this one…

HAHAHA you smug ass fuck face piece of dog shit!!! Got ya stupid ass! Men who hit women disgust me!

ohhh and this one too…

About time you pos , stay behind bars where you belong!

AND perhaps the best one of all…

Enjoy the cockmeat sandwich

Seriously this one melted my heart….

Finally!! Justice for my sister!!

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